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Evento Glamour

  • Mostra di importanti auto spider d’epoca nel foyer della fiera
  • Performance di moda
  • Raduni
  • Talk show
  • Proiezione di spezzoni di film con le spider protagoniste
  • Presentazioni di libri Interviste a personaggi famosi
  • Test drive di vetture esclusive e molto altro

Spider, o Cabriolet, che dir si voglia. Auto che sono passione, stile di vita, una filosofia che rende il viaggio e il desiderio di muoversi un’emozione.
Chi visita la mostra mercato sa cosa aspettarsi… 
Il mondo delle auto senza capote! 


Sabato 13 Aprile

ore 11.00
Il giornalista Pasquale Alfieri (Agenzia Primapress) intervista Miki Biasion


ore 11.45
Incontro HRC Fascia D’Oro:
C’era una volta a Montichiari la Scuderia Gek Motor Racing Team
con Federico Varoli e Camillo Squassina


ore 14.30
I fratelli Frigerio si raccontano con filmati e foto


ore 15.30
Fiat Coupé e Barchetta” di Ivan Scelsa: intervista di Stefano Nada

ore 16.30
Presentazione di “Alfa Romeo automobili per passione” a cura di Daniele Buzzonetti prefazione di Walter De Silva, edito da Artioli Editore 1899.


Domenica 14 Aprile

ore 10.00
Presentazione del docufilm “Imola 70” con Stefano Ferrari e Miria Burani


ore 11.00
In fretta e furia, l’ultima F1 di Mauro Forghieri
Oscar Berselli ne parla con l’autore Leopoldo Canetoli con la proiezione in anteprima di un filmato su Forghieri con la presenza di Franco Antoniazzi (Oral Engeneering)


ore 14.30
“1927: la sfida della 1000 Miglia” con Fabrizio Rossi e Attilio Facconi


ore 15.30
Incontro Scuderia Tazio Nuvolari
BEvoluzione Tecnica della Bugatti EB 110
Dai primi prototipi alla produzione di serie. Nata con un motore aspirato viene subito dotata di 4 turbine, passa dal telaio in honeycomb al carbonio. Una inedita EB 110 RST
Giampaolo Benedini, architetto ex vice presidente BA
Loris Bicocchi, collaudatore BA
Maurizio Bigi, ingegnere progettista BA
Pavel Rajmis, responsabile sviluppo e ricerca BA
Con il contributo di:
Jan Marc Borel, presidente Bugatti international
Christian Fonzari, Industrial designer ed esperto di tecniche giuridiche


Spider and Cabriolet 2024: Miki Biasion guest of honor at the inauguration on Saturday 13 April

The inauguration of “Spider and Cabriolet” scheduled for Saturday 13 April will see the participation of an authentic legend from the world of motoring. We are talking about Miki Biasion, one of the fastest and most complete rally drivers between the 80s and 90s, often capable of giving the best Scandinavian specialists a hard time.
His name is often associated with that of another ageless icon: the Lancia Delta! Together with the Turin berlinetta, Miki Biasion climbs to the top of the world twice, bringing many joys to the Italian fans.
However, his palmarès includes many other prestigious successes, including the numerous victories obtained with trucks in tout terrain races and rally raids, testifying to his unique talent.
Even though they can’t be used in rallies, spider and convertible cars have always been a great passion of mine!“, explains Miki Basion. “There are those who say that, while driving them, I left all my hair in the wind… Joking aside, it will be a pleasure to participate in the inauguration of Spider Cabriolet at the Centro Fiera Montichiari on Saturday 13 April, a unique event of its kind and certainly very charming.”

At "Spider and Cabriolet", Mauro Forghieri's Lamborghini F1

The welcome to the 2024 edition of “Spider and Cabriolet” will be entrusted to the Lamborghini F1 on which the late Mauro Forghieri worked. In the foyer of the central entrance it will be possible to admire this authentic masterpiece up close, born from the genius of one of the greatest Italian designers.
Having concluded his experience at Ferrari in 1987, Forghieri accepted the challenge from Lee Iacocca, at that time CEO of Chrysler and architect of the acquisition of Lamborghini Automobili, to found Lamborghini Engineering. Under his technical direction, an innovative 12-cylinder Formula 1 engine of 3500 c.c. was designed and developed in less than two years. and a 6-speed transverse gearbox.
In 1989 the engine and gearbox made their debut in the F1 World Championship with Team Larrousse and driver Philippe Alliot. The development of the engine continued successfully and in the following years it was used by the Lotus, Ligier and Minardi teams.
In 1991, thanks to the financing of the businessman Fernando Gonzales Luna, a new F1 car was designed under the direction of Forghieri and raced in the 1991 World Championship with the Modena Team.
At the end of ’91 Forghieri left Lamborghini Engineering to move to the technical direction of Bugatti.

On display is the Bugatti EB 110 presented in Paris in 1991 with testimonial Alain Delon

Visitors to “Spider and Cabriolet” 2024 will be welcomed by cars with a unique and unmistakable charm. In the foyer of the central entrance, in fact, you can admire the Bugatti EB 110, the model that Alain Delon presented in Paris in 1991 between two wings of the crowd.
The EB 110 is powered by a 12-cylinder 60º V engine, with an aluminum and magnesium alloy block, aluminum and titanium heads, positioned in a longitudinal central rear position which incorporates the gearbox and part of the transmission. This engine is equipped with dry sump lubrication, distribution with two overhead camshafts per bank, with 5 valves per cylinder. The displacement is 3,500 cm³, bore 81.0 mm and stroke 56.6 mm. A real peculiarity of the car is that it is equipped with a supercharging system with 4 IHI turbochargers, a unique feature at the time. Depending on the version, it delivers power of 560 HP at 8,000 rpm or 610 HP at 8,250 rpm. It is equipped with 2 fuel tanks, for a total petrol capacity of 120 litres.
The Bugatti EB 110 was presented in Paris in September 1991 with testimonial Alain Delon arriving at the Champs Elisee between two wings of a crowd.

At Spider and Cabriolet 2024, the body of the Ferrari 330 P3-P4 on display

From Jan Marc Borel’s Modenart collection, the body of the Ferrari 330 P3-P4 arrives at Spider Cabriolet 2024, entirely handmade by master coachbuilders from Modena, true sculptors of speed.
The Ferrari 330 P3-P4 is an absolute masterpiece, a true triumph of beauty. The latest evolution of the P series, built in 4 examples, was designed and developed in style with the direction of Enzo Ferrari and the support of Piero Drogo’s Carrozzeria Sports Car.
The 4 examples built won the 1967 world Sports Prototype title. They became famous for finishing first, second and third on parade at the 24 Hours of Daytona, right at the home of their rival Ford.

History and memory: once upon a time there was the Gek Motor Scuderia in Montichiari

In the early seventies the first Japanese motorbikes arrive in Italy and Laverda responds with its 750. In Montichiari, in the workshop of Giuseppe Bertini, known to all as Gek, bikers arrive from all over the province and one of the very first Laverda 750s arrives in Montichiari. SF. In this historical context, the idea of setting up a racing team was born in Gek’s workshop: thus the Scuderia Gek Motor was born.
Two drivers who were the spearhead of that Scuderia, Prof. Federico Varoli and Camillo Squassina, will be with us and will tell us about that fantastic adventure.

Iconic models on display: Effeeffe Berlinetta

Completely handmade by the Frigerio brothers according to the canons of the time, the legendary 50s, without the aid of any machinery, the Effeeffe Berlinetta is aimed at that public of young and old who lived and dreamed of the myth of those racing cars who raced along the streets of the “Mille Miglia”, the “Targa Florio” or the “Carrera Panamericano”.
A masterpiece of Made in Italy style and engineering that is still extremely current today. Passion and experience come together in the creation of this model which, thanks to its lines, seems to recall the dream cars of many enthusiasts, taking them back to a distant time, not just in terms of age.
A car that leaves nothing to chance, its entire “being” goes straight to the point and leaves no time to get lost in useless frills. Capable of exciting, built and refined trying to understand and satisfy the not only aesthetic taste of its driver, immediately expressing his rather original personality.
The Effeffe Berlinetta “four-wheeled coffee racer” will be one of the iconic models on display at the 2024 edition of Spider and Cabriolet, scheduled from 12 to 14 April at the Montichiari Exhibition Center (BS).

Homage to Ayrton Senna: the Renault Clio Williams on display

In 1992, Renault, to celebrate the constructors’ title just won in F1 by Ayrton Senna with Williams, decided to give all the fans of the world a real pearl: the Clio Williams.
The car is powered by a 2-liter, 4-cylinder in-line, DOHC atmospheric-fuel engine. This car weighing just over 1000kg is launched with 147hp, reaching 215km/h and hitting 100 in less than 8 seconds.
These performances were obtained by transferring part of Renault’s know-how acquired in F1 onto a 4-cylinder. Special alloys were used for the engine block aimed at better thermal efficiency and better resistance to mechanical stress. The same polishing process used for racing engines was adopted on the intake ducts.
The Clio Williams, a car of enormous historical value from the Andrea Dalmazzini Collection, will be one of the many unmissable models on display at Spider and Cabriolet 2024.

Homage to Ayrton Senna: a preview of the exhibition by artist Alessandro Rasponi

2024 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest drivers in history. To pay homage to the Brazilian champion, Spider e Cabriolet 2024 will host a preview of some works created by Alessandro Rasponi, an artist from Modena who dedicates his art to the world of motors and in particular to the Brazilian driver, who passed away on May 1st 1994 in Imola during the San Marino Grand Prix.
This year there will be numerous initiatives dedicated to Ayrton Senna involving the artist from Modena, now known abroad not only for his skill, but also for the love and passion that bind him to this sporting legend.

In the docufilm "Imola 70", the story of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Autodrome

The Spider and Cabriolet days will be embellished by “Imola 70”, the docufim created by Stefano Ferrari, journalist and director, and Miria Burani, screenwriter, for the first seventy years of the racetrack dedicated to the memory of Enzo and Dino Ferrari.
The work, based on the stories of fifteen famous people, offers unpublished images that make us understand the emotions that the circuit has been able to convey in these seventy years. Francesco “Checco” Costa, father of the famous doctor Costa, managed to build the track thanks to the funding received from Enzo Ferrari on the condition that it was dedicated to his son Dino. Then there are images of the laying of the first stone, of the design and development phases up to the first motorcycle race won by Umberto Masetti on a Gilera 500. Touching moments also with unpublished footage of Gilles Villeneuve and Ayrton Senna. The message conveyed by this documentary film is inherent in the title: a city, its circuit.

"Fiat Coupé and Barchetta", Ivan Scelsa's volume on Spider and Cabriolet

“Spider and Cabriolet” will be an opportunity to present volumes of great interest for motoring enthusiasts. This is the case of “Fiat Coupé and Barchetta”, a volume by Ivan Scelsa (Library of the automobile editions).
When Coupé and Barchetta, two different and truly unusual Fiats, appeared in the mid-1990s, they immediately aroused great interest and curiosity. What attracted them first and foremost were their respective clean, essential, almost iconic lines, to the definition of which important names such as Chris Bangle, Andreas Zapatinas and Mario Bianchi Anderloni contributed. To these two models the Turin company entrusted the extremely difficult task of bringing the brand closer to a market segment, that of mid-range sports cars – the Barchetta with open bodywork moreover – in which the competitors, and of a high level, certainly there was no shortage of them. This monograph traces the stylistic and technical genesis of the two models, giving voice to some of the protagonists of the time, and making use once again of precious archive, photographic and documentary materials.

"Alfa Romeo cars for passion": presentation of the volume edited by Daniele Buzzonetti at Spider and Cabriolet​

Another highly anticipated presentation is the one dedicated to “Alfa Romeo automobiles for passion”, a volume edited by Daniele Buzzonetti with a preface by Walter De Silva, published by Artioli Editore 1899. De Silva, a great Milanese designer, introduces the reader to the Alfa of his years (1986/1998), when he was head of the “Style Center” and created fascinating concepts such as Proteo and Nuvola, together with enormously successful products such as 156 and 147, and then voluntarily abandoned the Milanese company, less and less Milanese from an operational point of view, and now a “satellite” of the Fiat Group.
The new edition of the volume, enriched with unpublished and more exhaustive photographs, as well as further historical details, tells the entire story of Alfa Romeo from its birth in 1910, up to the present day, with its entry into the large Stellantis Group.
An exciting story, with a sort of “story within a story”, represented by the chapter dedicated to the participation of the “Biscione” in all the Mille Miglia that took place between 1927 and ’57. In what is considered the most famous car race in history, Alfa holds the record for victories (11), with an always incisive presence.

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